Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Want to make 2016 a fruitful year? Here’s a list of 10 unhealthy habits which you should get yourself rid of!

Habits, can either help you become better or can make you stumble down from the ladder, it all depends on the type of habits you have in your kitty. Experimental practices grow firm and become habits when we repeat them over a time of period. It thus becomes important to keep-up a filter and inculcate only the healthy habits.  So, this year, why don't you take the resolution of cutting out all the unhealthy habits from your lifestyle, which have together been hindering your growth and well-being

Here’s a list of 10 unhealthy habits which you should kick-off from your lifestyle right away

-    Over-reacting:  A lot of us waste our time by hastily judging the occurrence of events and over-reacting instead of sitting back calmly and figuring out the best possible solutions. Over-reacting is perhaps the worst way to end-up doing /saying things which you would later regret.

      -    Cribbing: Now, you would say “who doesn't crib”, well, the ones who don’t, actually happen to make a more wholesome use of their skills and talent, for instead of cribbing till the end, they make efforts to mend things in the best possible manner.

      -    Wishing you looked like the girl/boy next door- Comparing yourself to others and then eventually feeling too low about the way you are, perhaps the best way to ruin your possible happiness and contentment without which, it is in no way easy to carry on living.

       -   Concentrating on taking photographs rather than living the moment: Social media pours a lot of pressure onto its users (actually, the users happily let it be poured). But, the catch is, we forget to live the moments and save them forever in our eyes. We value social media user’s opinion more than our own individual opinion and preferences.  So, I believe it’s time you cut throw this habit.

      -    Valuing every random advice:  Haven’t the wise heads said; “listen to all but follow your own gut feeling”? We screw our time and space by valuing every random person’s random advice. Nobody else can ever completely guide you through because they have never been in your shoes. So, I suggest, you better value and follow your own gut instinct.

       -   Believe in your bloody self: We fail to give our 100% to every situation because we doubt ourselves too much. Opportunities don’t keep showering-in every time, so why waste them when they seasonally do, by not believing in yourself?

       -    Stop galloping too much of caffeine: If you are a coffee addict or coke’s ardent lover, then this for you, stop galloping-in caffeine, there are lot many other things out there which could give you the intellectual stimulation.

      -    Putting-in too much effort on looking impressive: Wipe off those extra make-up layers, you weren't born to please people with your dolled-up attire. Be raw, be you! Work instead on improving your skill-set which could help you get through the college and get a decent job.

      -   Struggling to say ‘No’: Be strong and pick the courage up to say No, to things and people who deserve so.  Because, saying ‘No’ sometimes, saves you from a lot of horseshit.

      -  Hating the self: Start loving and embracing the inner self. Make improvements if you must, but don’t hate yourself. Your attitude towards life and people would drastically improve if you do that. 

         So, follow what you must!

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