Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ain't a fiend!

Monster of Frankenstein
Was noble
People's behaviour
Made him a Fiend!

I and Him
Are alike
Lost in our lullaby
Forced to wear disguise!

Our screams, our whimpering
Make no sense
We are such wild creatures
Which a common man

Doth not be!

Musing Bruce

You can't spend
The life
Living as a Priest!
Sometimes you got to be
A Bruce Lee!

The deadening tree
Is being dressed with blooming leaves
Is that life?
Until we Fall
How can we rise?

I'm accepting
What I'm getting
Joy or Sorrow
Because that's going to make me
What I'll be tomorrow!


And when nobody
lent her a kind ear,
She picked up the pen
and wrote.


The words I never had

 I have not the tongue
Which could aptly express
The feelings I have
In my heart for you.
You are not just a physical being
You are the muse
Whose radiance is filled with
Generosity and empathy.



 I always want you to smile,
Rain or shine,
Valleys or mountains.


Let me write a poem,
Upon your skin.
First with my lips,
Every kiss a word.
The touch of my fingers,
Connecting them.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Whom to Resort?
Is it not too often that you land up in ‘Nowhere Land”? Confused to what must you choose? Of whom must you adhere, which summon must you attend among many?
So here are some ‘Owl’ solutions:
Pick up your shoes and go jog couple of kilometres; let the worries wither away.
Smell the flowers rather than plucking and showering them on somebody; it shall revitalise your senses.
Laugh out Loud, frequently; it will help keep you light and healthy.
Read books; it will help in getting you come across variety of opinions.
Experiment with Music Genres; it’s an exercise which can help you elevate from almost anything and everything.
Go out and get yourself a ticket to good theatrical performances; the tempo of behaviour shall help you better understand your being.
Cook, Bake and Grill; let the tummy roll with joy.

Invest time on Things of Beauty, Joy and Love because you can either live life for real or waste your time by posting on Facebook.