Thursday, 24 December 2015

One Act of Random Kindness

Yeah, that’s together called ‘ARK’, I remember that part from the film Evans Almighty. Today is Christmas; it is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. It isn't just about Santa Claus, but quiet majorly about the birth of Jesus; son of God. I'm not a Christian and I guess I don’t have to be one, to celebrate this occasion. I remember, the Christmas preparations, carol-singing competitions, class-room decorations, gift-ceremonies, which use to happen with high-spirit, back when I was in school. They taught us one important thing over and over again that Christmas is about benevolence.  Of course, Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens had its role in beautifying my understanding further.

And, now, as I sit home, enjoying an off from the office, I feel like doing something just the way I did last time; I and my cousins drove around the streets on Christmas eve, with clothes and food for stray animals. And, it just felt way too nice, to daringly do ‘acts of random kindnesses'. Thus, I always tell people to employ money in doing something extra-large, at least on Christmas rather than wasting it away on liquor and munching junk. Each one of us can do so much more for one another, if only we decide to. So, here I bring to you 8 most wonderful quotes of benevolence:

We all are connected to one another, we just need to believe and feel that again. So, today, dust-off all your prejudices and have a happy Christmas! 

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