Saturday, 12 December 2015

Recipe of a happy life

It saddens me deeply, when I see people who are incredibly capable, of abundantly contributing to the society, sitting low and thinking of nothing but quitting the process called life. And, this is mainly because they are unable to hold themselves when their expectations crash down. No matter how many scholars, musicians, film makers, have tried to convey to us all that we mustn't keep expectations from anyone, we still happen to not adhere.

And, some such people who do manage to have the nerve to make the final cut are then remembered as cowards or mere victims. But, is this the kind of end, any of us ever desired? No, everybody wants a happy life. So, what really is the recipe of a truly happy life?

Be truthful to yourself: I think, happiness is an inside affair and you thus shouldn't depend your happiness on other people’s conduct towards us. Though, it’s easy said than done but I suggest you keep your focus onto the goal of your life and let nothing become a hurdle. Because, once you let hurdles mount then you will lose big chunk of time and energy which sadly might never come back.

Count the good things: Most of us have the habit of digging out the flaws and imperfections rather than being grateful about the things which fortunately we have and other don’t. And, that is how we lose the opportunity of beautifying our lives. To lead a happy life we must habituate ourselves to count the good things and then use those things to their best and act constructively.

Stop comparing yourself: The worst thing that you can do is compare yourself to others and shape the understanding of your real self on the basis of other people’s opinion, which happens to exist only on the basis of sheer assumptions. Social networking sites have only deepened the problem, making it more difficult to address. People put up their photographs and opinions with a sense of freedom but sadly their happiness in relation to themselves is entrapped by the number of likes and comments which other users might put, in case they fall in agreement with the content you post.

Dare to disagree: Where and when required, you must dare to disagree. None of us were born in bulk; we all think and feel differently, thus it is humanely not possible for us all to land in agreement each and every time. So, you must let it out to live light and free.

Find a place for your head: It’s very important to find a place where you can go to calm yourself down, because of course there will be lot of things in life which will tense you out and tear you into two indecisive halves but if you have that one place (physical/emotional/spiritual) then everything can be worked out.

Embrace your mistakes: It is impossible to make the required improvements, if you don’t first locate and accept your mistakes. We all make mistakes, because we all employ different ways to address our day to day challenges. And, once we grow an understanding with ourselves we then become more forgiving towards others and evolve into better selves.

Work-out: The best way to channelize everyday frustration constructively is by exercising religiously. When you will work on shaping yourself fit and healthy you will eventually start feeling good about yourself. So, what’s stopping you?

Cut the chord with pessimistic people: Our outer reality and circumstances have impact on our inner cosmos; optimistic people sow seeds of hope and bright possibilities, whereas pessimistic people would simply rove the roller of doubt on your imaginary garden of hope. So choose wisely, live well.

Do whatever you love doing: If you suck at painting but you love dipping the brush in the paint bottle then go ahead do it. Do each and everything you like, till it doesn't hurt you or the ones around.

There are infinite recipes of a happy life, provided you are ready to try and taste it.  

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