Sunday, 27 December 2015

Keep the idea from dying

I follow Seth Godin’s work rather religiously, for it always has that rare sense-full crisp in it. He lately published, “One big idea” where he says “Most breakthrough organizations aren't built on a bundle of wonderment, novelty, and new ideas.” To explain this he goes on “In fact, they usually involve just one big idea. The rest is execution, patience, tactics and people. The ability to see what's happening and to act on it. The rest is doing the stuff we already know how to do, the stuff we've seen before, but doing it beautifully. You probably don't need yet another new idea. Better to figure out what to do with the ones you've got.”

And, I believe he quite rightly said about the “One big idea”; it’s easy to get pregnant with ideas, but it is quite a challenge to hold onto that one big thing, with which you started it all. We see so many start-up businesses popping up. That speaks to the fact that, we are part of a generation of people, who are confident about their ideas and are deeply excited about its probable expansionBut, being so is not enough. You have to be bold and decisive about various things; funding, employees, furniture, clients, and most importantly the idea (one big idea). Unfortunately, most numbers of start-ups collapse at a very early stage, because they lose track.

So, how to keep marching forward, on that thin thread and keeping everything harmoniously synced? Well, some things only time can teach, but I have got these four suggestions which I believe shall help you do it all, with a great amount of ease.

Hire wisely- It’s quite a challenge to decide between an enthusiastic individual and an experienced professional. But, I believe; “whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, it’s alright”-Lennon. That is to suggest; hire if you must, but when you do that, make sure the new additions can confidently handle the situation and get you through the night (through the hustle, bustle and cut throat competition created by the already existing start-ups)

Don’t drain all your company funds- Most start-ups usually pay high, thinking that doing so would help them keep the employees in their kitty for a long run. But, that is not how things should be, I suggest that you offer them decent package and wisely invest the rest of the money. Because employees would, of course, stay, if they see the company growing. Give them feedbacks; do appreciate them, it really does count, don't throw drama at them, these days you will come across very few such people who will take it without bashing you back with their self-created tantrums. So, work out a method beneficial to both. 

Social media marketing is not all you need- I have visited so many start-ups, after being way too much impressed from the creative visibility, that they did actually extensively worked on. But, I had most times got deeply disappointed by the actual state of work affairs. So, please don’t drain too much money on social-media-marketing; initially keep it organic and then gradually when you have banked enough content, then promote your name and project extensively. And, yes, keep a sound ambience, for it does matters. But, don't be hasty; first, let things fall into place. 

Don’t imitate and reproduce- If graphic images trend-in then you will find everybody doing the same thing, if funny videos go viral then people pick that trend upstart reproducing the same thing. There are endless examples. You can’t afford to lose people’s good opinion by imitating and reproducing what exists already. Because, in this day and age, accessing worldly facts and information is becoming incredibly cheaper, attaining people’s attention is becoming ridiculously more challenging.

But, most importantly, believe in your “one big idea” and do whatever you must, to keep the idea from dying. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

One Act of Random Kindness

Yeah, that’s together called ‘ARK’, I remember that part from the film Evans Almighty. Today is Christmas; it is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. It isn't just about Santa Claus, but quiet majorly about the birth of Jesus; son of God. I'm not a Christian and I guess I don’t have to be one, to celebrate this occasion. I remember, the Christmas preparations, carol-singing competitions, class-room decorations, gift-ceremonies, which use to happen with high-spirit, back when I was in school. They taught us one important thing over and over again that Christmas is about benevolence.  Of course, Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens had its role in beautifying my understanding further.

And, now, as I sit home, enjoying an off from the office, I feel like doing something just the way I did last time; I and my cousins drove around the streets on Christmas eve, with clothes and food for stray animals. And, it just felt way too nice, to daringly do ‘acts of random kindnesses'. Thus, I always tell people to employ money in doing something extra-large, at least on Christmas rather than wasting it away on liquor and munching junk. Each one of us can do so much more for one another, if only we decide to. So, here I bring to you 8 most wonderful quotes of benevolence:

We all are connected to one another, we just need to believe and feel that again. So, today, dust-off all your prejudices and have a happy Christmas! 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bright and Bold

While the world’s been busy crafting Steve Harvey-memes featuring his lately-famous television gaffe, after having labored hard on creating the same, more abundantly, on Drake featuring his Hotline bling dance, I would like to draw your attention to the momentarily-crowned beauty, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. For, I never saw someone accepting the fate, with all that grace. Because surely you need some tough bones for that! 

And, it was at that moment, that I asked myself “If she can do it, that too at such live-stage, without panicking any bit, then what’s wrong with rest of us? Why we so often make such fuzz?” You know what she later communicated after digesting what just had happened with her over the stage? She posted a photograph along with a caption on Instagram, saying "After the storm, comes the calm," I want to thank each and every one of you who have sent messages of support and strength. Every one of you has become an incredible human being in my book and I am the most fortunate and thankful for having the support not only from one country but from the whole entire world," and she went on. "Your destiny is written for you. And my destiny was this. I was able to bring happiness to my country after becoming Miss Universe for only a couple of minutes... Today because of that COLOMBIA and the LATIN COMMUNITY are being talked about in every corner of the world. I also want to congratulate the Philippines for their new Miss Universe," she added, conveying wishes for Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. "The happiness that you must be feeling must be incredible. Life continues and in the future, we will find out why things happen the way they happen. Thank you all for your LOVE SUPPORT and KINDNESS."

Isn't that actually quite incredibly beautiful, the way she gracefully embraced the fate and wore an amazing level of confidence to not let herself be considered weak and thus be pitied? I hope you too pick this up, as a brave example and lead your life with an undying zeal of never-giving-up, of never letting anything shook your head down, of only living bright and bold. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

The quote is most often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Whose policy of non-violence was famously used in the campaign for freedom and independence in India. Back then, it had stood for non-violence and patient-retaliation. Though, there were many freedom fighters who did not quite agree with Gandhi’s philosophy. Yet, even in this day and age it holds relevance for peace-proposers from across the globe.

Sadly, we live in a world where people are losing their tolerance power and ability to forgive, underneath the ever rising pressure to compete and win. We happen to have more enemies than friends. We feel wronged and unjustified which is why we go on to rebel with fists and loud words. But, we fail to realise that fighting would do no good; that making drone-strikes will only make more innocents die than the extremists and it only gives birth to more anger and desperation for revenge.

We march about human rights and liberation, but do we pause down to look into ourselves? The change that the world needs will have to begin from self-improvement; by studying our destructive history and the lost opportunities.  The thing is we have become too individualistic we have lost interest in belonging to anyone, listening to anyone else’s ideas. We are ‘want-it-all and want-it-now’ generation, we just cannot wait for the right moment and that’s basically how we screw-up the whole process.

And, if for example, I talk about India, it sadly happens to have a culture which is pretty much unkind to children. Reprimanding by beating is the only solution which pops-up in people’s mind to discipline the child. Sparing the rod is certainly, not our culture, but using it, is. How unfortunate it is, that we think children get disciplined when we are violent, in deeds or verbally. But, in reality, we don't create disciplined children, we instead create, paranoid children who lie and cheat to somehow safeguard themselves against that irrational violence (though, of course violence is beyond any possible rational).

“Violence perpetuates violence”; these kids become clones of the ones who beat them and the circle goes on. Thus, violence is almost genetic. And, it’s time that we must raise our voices, to things that take place within and out our closed-circles. Because, rememberYour children will follow your example, not your advice.”, so why don’t we also work on improving ourselves, rather than blaming the kids for their way-out-of-the-left-field lifestyle. And, be friends to them rather than belittling them all the time, just because they are not of our age.

It’s very important, for us all to realize, that “An eye for leaves the whole world blind”, if you bring to your notice things which are happening all around the world, you will feel so deeply sorry for the both sides; ones who perpetuate the violence and the ones who get victimised.  And, it all happens because we are so blinded by ever-increasing hatred and the desperation to avenge.

World needs people who are tolerant enough to understand each other and bring back the lost harmony. But, by not forgiving or giving second chance, we are blocking away the possibilities of a bright future, a future for all, where each other’s voice is heard and addressed. So, we should work on reaching beyond borders, not to extract and exploit resources but to offer an empathetic hand of help. We have got brain, but let us not forget we have got a heart too, which we must use and emit love for all.

Want to make 2016 a fruitful year? Here’s a list of 10 unhealthy habits which you should get yourself rid of!

Habits, can either help you become better or can make you stumble down from the ladder, it all depends on the type of habits you have in your kitty. Experimental practices grow firm and become habits when we repeat them over a time of period. It thus becomes important to keep-up a filter and inculcate only the healthy habits.  So, this year, why don't you take the resolution of cutting out all the unhealthy habits from your lifestyle, which have together been hindering your growth and well-being

Here’s a list of 10 unhealthy habits which you should kick-off from your lifestyle right away

-    Over-reacting:  A lot of us waste our time by hastily judging the occurrence of events and over-reacting instead of sitting back calmly and figuring out the best possible solutions. Over-reacting is perhaps the worst way to end-up doing /saying things which you would later regret.

      -    Cribbing: Now, you would say “who doesn't crib”, well, the ones who don’t, actually happen to make a more wholesome use of their skills and talent, for instead of cribbing till the end, they make efforts to mend things in the best possible manner.

      -    Wishing you looked like the girl/boy next door- Comparing yourself to others and then eventually feeling too low about the way you are, perhaps the best way to ruin your possible happiness and contentment without which, it is in no way easy to carry on living.

       -   Concentrating on taking photographs rather than living the moment: Social media pours a lot of pressure onto its users (actually, the users happily let it be poured). But, the catch is, we forget to live the moments and save them forever in our eyes. We value social media user’s opinion more than our own individual opinion and preferences.  So, I believe it’s time you cut throw this habit.

      -    Valuing every random advice:  Haven’t the wise heads said; “listen to all but follow your own gut feeling”? We screw our time and space by valuing every random person’s random advice. Nobody else can ever completely guide you through because they have never been in your shoes. So, I suggest, you better value and follow your own gut instinct.

       -   Believe in your bloody self: We fail to give our 100% to every situation because we doubt ourselves too much. Opportunities don’t keep showering-in every time, so why waste them when they seasonally do, by not believing in yourself?

       -    Stop galloping too much of caffeine: If you are a coffee addict or coke’s ardent lover, then this for you, stop galloping-in caffeine, there are lot many other things out there which could give you the intellectual stimulation.

      -    Putting-in too much effort on looking impressive: Wipe off those extra make-up layers, you weren't born to please people with your dolled-up attire. Be raw, be you! Work instead on improving your skill-set which could help you get through the college and get a decent job.

      -   Struggling to say ‘No’: Be strong and pick the courage up to say No, to things and people who deserve so.  Because, saying ‘No’ sometimes, saves you from a lot of horseshit.

      -  Hating the self: Start loving and embracing the inner self. Make improvements if you must, but don’t hate yourself. Your attitude towards life and people would drastically improve if you do that. 

         So, follow what you must!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Face the waves!

Tearing the black screen,
After each fall,
Sun paints the sky with victory!
But, if you blind your vision,
It's not the fault of the Gods!

I wonder, why people give up so early and manage to convince themselves to compromisingly sit back and blame the Gods, for every wrong thing that happens to them. I say, it’s not the fault of the Gods; he provides each of us with enough chances and opportunities to correct and evolve ourselves. But, what can he possibly do, if we blind our vision with pessimism? So, if you want to aim for the sky and if you can’t locate a ready path, go create it! Go, show it to the rest, how it’s done! Because you were built to face the waves and not get knocked away!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Everybody needs little sunshine

Yes, everybody needs little sunshine, to melt whatever’s gone cold. But, strangely we overestimate our problematic circumstance over that of the other’s. And, this sadly makes us emotionally blind, which is how we end up somehow dealing with our lives without contributing any bit to that of the others. Yes, I'm talking about love and encouragement, which we exclusively keep for ourselves.

There can be no other, more beautiful gift than to encourage someone and thereby emotionally empower them to achieve whatever they have ever desired. Yeah, that sounds too candy-like-sugary, right? But, that is how it should be. Love and encourage, as many people as you can. By love, I don’t intend to suggest you the “Selfie-ceremonial” lifestyle, but to inculcate an outlook of having no hard feelings for anyone at all. Because, you know what, we all are humans. So, expecting a “godly-error-free conduct” is an overly glossy and impractical idea.

So, it doesn't matter where you are, what you are, you can still make a difference by appreciating people's efforts and making them feel that their contribution counts. Because, you see, the truth is that together we can be and do so much more. And, trust me the moment you’ll decide to be considerate and encouraging, things would improve for you too. You will feel light, will have more reasons to smile and world would become  a wonderful place to live. Yeah, “You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will be as one”- John Lennon. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Be a doer!

Do you happen to be one of those who think a lot, but are unfortunately able to do very little, to make it all visible and real? Ever wondered, why you act like that or why you are unable to act at all? It is surely not as others remark; “you've got no talent”, “you’re useless” it’s perhaps, because you find it very difficult to summon-up all your attention to one thing, as you want to do so much! So, why not face and settle it?

Frankly, I believe, anybody can become whatever they have ever aspired. It is all just a matter of courage and dedication towards achieving that one crazy little diamond, thinking about which you spend night and day. So, here is a list of things you can do to go be a doer, instead of sitting back at your rocking chair and overdosing yourself with caffeine.

Wake-up early- Kicking off the sheet at the early hour is beneficial for all; doesn't matter whether you are a student,a working professional or a home maker. Time is money, so why waste it by snoring till late?

Feel the smell of sweat- It’s kind of sweet, you know the post workout smell of sweat.  Undeniably, exercising has countless benefits; it not just arouses the healthy feeling, but also helps you attain a balance which is a must have and of course, improves your reflexes which are a great add-on to the personality. So, do it whenever you get the time, but make sure you do it!

To-do-list- Yes, that funny thing is a good habit to have. Keeping up a to-do-list helps you structure your routine and gives you the opportunity to work out on the loop holes. You can do the listing thing in a creative manner, and then you will see how achieving each target, would give you the opportunity to have so much fun!

Treat yourself- It’s very important to encourage the self, by treating yourself well. Each time you achieve a milestone, treat yourself, maybe with a blossomed flower, a warm cup of coffee, a chocolate, or anything at all that makes you feel delightful. 

Meditate, to gain focus- By suggesting meditation as a solution, I am not asking you to sit at one place, enchanting some random mantra, with your eyes closed. I am asking you to do whatever that makes you feel wholesome and united; it can be gardening, travelling, writing, cooking, painting, dancing, or whatever. Just try to bring-in harmony and synchronization to your inner cosmos.

Become a self-critic: Because, it is just you, you alone who knows the exact. So, only you can give yourself the best possible advice. Actually, we all do know when and where we falter; it’s just that we hesitate to accept it. But, the moment we convince ourselves to face it, we can actually do lot great!

Flush out the toxic: Yes, please do that, else it will all just ruin your inner calm. Of course, people will make variety of assumptions and some will also daringly suggest and preach that too with an overly-bright confidence, but, I suggest you to flush-out their random comments and let only hope lit your heart.

Embrace your real-self and be fearless: Pick the courage-up, face your fears and knock them off. Common’, we all have boxful of fears, but to truly and fully live each moment, we have to rise above & beyond and allow ourselves to experience a wholesome growth.

So, I hope, you hereby shall give yourself another try, because “Yeah, we're all wonderful, wonderful people, So when did we all get so fearful?, Now we're finally finding our voices, So take a chance, come help me sing this”-Emeli Sandé - Read All About It.

Monday, 14 December 2015

7 Kickass reasons to stay actively blogging

So, what do you think of bloggers, that they are perhaps some ‘overly-hopeful’ writers who think that they do have a handsome amount of readers? Why do you think bloggers blog, to add-on something to their portfolios, to thereafter earn fame and recognition? Or to do something on their own, for they feel totally screwed-up by the systems they belong to? For they have ideas and opinions worth keyboarding and for the rest of the people worth reading? Blogging has startling side-benefits that are sadly not as obvious to casual readers and random commentators. So, today, I’ll put out to you 7 kickass reasons to stay actively blogging, despite of the things that people throw at your face to shut you up from blogging. I hope you be all eyes!

  Gives you a sense of accomplishment: To be able to convey to people, your true opinion is one of those very important things which otherwise can cause constipation and make you feel totally entrapped. Having a personal blog, is like having a platform to openly talk.

            Gives you stability: People come and go changing our lives back and forth. But, keeping up a blog gives you stability; makes you feel home every time you come back to it and type out your randomly popped-up ideas and emotional flux.

          Gives you visibility on Google searches: Yeah, it happens if you manage to be quiet active on your blog. Who doesn't want to be up on the Google searches? After all, it’s like the virtual hall of fame, being where makes you feel great and motivated to go on and experiment some bit more.  

       You get acknowledged: Whether we accept it or we don’t, the fact remains that we all yearn for a sort of approval and acknowledgement, from the ones we live around.  By keeping-up a blog, you not only get noticed by your old pals, family folks, distant relatives, ex-bosses and colleagues, but also by new random people around the world, whose opinion of your work happens to remain unflavoured by your real-life identity and thus makes you feel wonderfully fuelled.
          You like a tree grow: Frankly, there isn't anything like keeping-up a blog, you nourish it and it nourishes you back. Isn't that a beautiful enough? And, through the process you will see yourself making leaps and bounds of personal growth. It enables you to do much more with your life and thus brings you closer to yourself.  

          You flourish as a writer: We all write, so in a way we all are writers. But, when you start up a blog and you do have the motive of achieving readership and then you make you sure that you write creatively and while doing so when you push yourself beyond the limits, you become better. And, practising extensively can only make you perfect.

          You evolve and your dreams seem to be shaping into reality: When you work for a company, you contribute to its growth. But, when you work on your blog, you contribute to your individual growth and take steps towards fulfilling your dreams, provided you keep it consistent; not neglected. And, if you do it all religiously, you will be amazed to realise just how accessible your dreams can be.

So, happy blogging!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Recipe of a happy life

It saddens me deeply, when I see people who are incredibly capable, of abundantly contributing to the society, sitting low and thinking of nothing but quitting the process called life. And, this is mainly because they are unable to hold themselves when their expectations crash down. No matter how many scholars, musicians, film makers, have tried to convey to us all that we mustn't keep expectations from anyone, we still happen to not adhere.

And, some such people who do manage to have the nerve to make the final cut are then remembered as cowards or mere victims. But, is this the kind of end, any of us ever desired? No, everybody wants a happy life. So, what really is the recipe of a truly happy life?

Be truthful to yourself: I think, happiness is an inside affair and you thus shouldn't depend your happiness on other people’s conduct towards us. Though, it’s easy said than done but I suggest you keep your focus onto the goal of your life and let nothing become a hurdle. Because, once you let hurdles mount then you will lose big chunk of time and energy which sadly might never come back.

Count the good things: Most of us have the habit of digging out the flaws and imperfections rather than being grateful about the things which fortunately we have and other don’t. And, that is how we lose the opportunity of beautifying our lives. To lead a happy life we must habituate ourselves to count the good things and then use those things to their best and act constructively.

Stop comparing yourself: The worst thing that you can do is compare yourself to others and shape the understanding of your real self on the basis of other people’s opinion, which happens to exist only on the basis of sheer assumptions. Social networking sites have only deepened the problem, making it more difficult to address. People put up their photographs and opinions with a sense of freedom but sadly their happiness in relation to themselves is entrapped by the number of likes and comments which other users might put, in case they fall in agreement with the content you post.

Dare to disagree: Where and when required, you must dare to disagree. None of us were born in bulk; we all think and feel differently, thus it is humanely not possible for us all to land in agreement each and every time. So, you must let it out to live light and free.

Find a place for your head: It’s very important to find a place where you can go to calm yourself down, because of course there will be lot of things in life which will tense you out and tear you into two indecisive halves but if you have that one place (physical/emotional/spiritual) then everything can be worked out.

Embrace your mistakes: It is impossible to make the required improvements, if you don’t first locate and accept your mistakes. We all make mistakes, because we all employ different ways to address our day to day challenges. And, once we grow an understanding with ourselves we then become more forgiving towards others and evolve into better selves.

Work-out: The best way to channelize everyday frustration constructively is by exercising religiously. When you will work on shaping yourself fit and healthy you will eventually start feeling good about yourself. So, what’s stopping you?

Cut the chord with pessimistic people: Our outer reality and circumstances have impact on our inner cosmos; optimistic people sow seeds of hope and bright possibilities, whereas pessimistic people would simply rove the roller of doubt on your imaginary garden of hope. So choose wisely, live well.

Do whatever you love doing: If you suck at painting but you love dipping the brush in the paint bottle then go ahead do it. Do each and everything you like, till it doesn't hurt you or the ones around.

There are infinite recipes of a happy life, provided you are ready to try and taste it.  

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Shoot high, straight to the sky!

I see a lot of people giving-up on their dreams, at the stage when they should forget everything else and put-in all the labour that they can, to make their dream come to life. So, here is attempt to bring to you the most powerful quotes by the most beautiful people, to help you pump-up your kicks and shoot high, straight to the sky! 

May dreams of each of you out there, come true and may your lives become more sorted and beautiful. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

8 simple ways of attaining back your lost equilibrium!

Everybody needs motivation, to carry-on through the hard times. But, in a day & age where more and more people are becoming ‘anti-social’, or I should rather say ‘selectively-social’, it’s kind of becoming more difficult for us all to address our motivational draught. So, what to do? Well, here I am to offer you a list of things you can try to attain back your lost equilibrium.

Gardening: Yes, I suggest you to mow your lawn all by yourself.  Vibrant lush of plants arouses hope and deepens your sense of aesthetics which adds to your life a sort of meaning and abundance. It actually works, on my last birthday my mother brought me a sapling and asked me to take care of its everyday nourishment and I did kind of laugh but at the same time I was excited to build and grow something on my own. And, now when I see that plant grown up beautifully, I feel kind of accomplished.

Let the rhythm take control: Good music can always get hold of you and cuddle you to its process of soulful nourishment. But, you have to be a little careful while hand picking tracks from trending genres. I suggest, you lend your ear to instrumental music; Sitar, violin, guitar, piano, flute and in fact, it would simply be wonderful if you could try your hands onto any of these and let the music take over.

Go get a ticket: Do you know, what’s the most beautiful thing about films? I believe that it is, that they offer you ride to a different land all together and bind you to its intensity, making you forget your current of ambiguity and troubles. But, yes you get to be picky about the genre again. And, I suggest you should try watching biographical films and sport films instead of gluing yourself to romantic or suspense thrillers.

Tighten-up your laces: In our stiffly scheduled routine, we lose out on our health and end-up with multiple medical conditions. I believe, 30 minutes of brisk walking is not only good for your physical health but also it will help you gain back the lost focus and reflexes.  Remember, life is all about taking right decisions at the right time else you’ll end-up regretting all through your life. So, I suggest you should wear back that Nike.

Munch good, feel good:  What we eat and drink does not impact our body, but also influences our thinking pattern. Munching-in fresh fruits and sipping good amount of fluid can help you regain a mental balance and shall eventually drive you to go further without sitting back and regretting. Trust me, when you munch good, you do feel healthy and lively!

Paint a stroke or two: Frankly, anybody can paint. In fact, it’s great fun to paint your random visions and to thereby put-out the clutter. Composing a piece of art is a process of beautification and self-discovery. You don’t have to be a Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci; you just need to be yourself. So, get a white paper pad, some paint tubes and get started!

Take that backpack out: Yes, I meant travelling. It is pretty important for us all to take breaks and move out to breathe fresh air. Travelling allows you to come closer to yourself and trust me, nobody can ever motivate you the way you yourself can. It helps you become a spectator and see your life differently, making it easy for you to then think of apt solutions and implement them with newly fused-in courage and hope.

Thou shalt do the dance! : Well, I love the ending of “Evens almighty” for this one dialogue especially which Morgan Freeman, the almighty, delivers as the new commandment. Really, I think dancing-it-off is the best thing to do. Dancing, as an activity is so intriguing and intense that you can simply shake-off all the negative vibes by religiously moving your butt.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Don’t let your brain be chewed!

Ever wondered, why our generation is not able to produce any epically extraordinary piece of art& literature? Why our anger is aimed in no particular direction? And, why at all there is so much anger boiling up in our heads? It’s because, we are letting our brain be chewed by forces which actually are controllable, provided we try. Here is a list of things towards which I suggest we better grow intolerant.

“Whatsapp”: Yes, that thing! Hasn't it become one of the most annoying app? It chews away your time, patience, and of course your brain. No matter how much you may deny this, but I rarely across people who aren't affected by this trending trash. The addiction is so severe, that people these days find it difficult to poop without checking the possible new messages on their Whatsapp. And, as it still happens to be free, people randomly keep sending messages of sheer irrelevance, assuming that to be able to use this much-talked-about app, is an act of empowerment.  

Facebook: There was a time, when I had thought Facebook could actually do great, if people start focusing on things other than posting-up photographs and checking-in at different places, just to maintain a visibility, yes this was when people from different states and countries were uniting with the supposedly felt solidarity, over Facebook for various issues. But, gradually I saw it getting back down, when people just couldn't resist from putting-up selfies. It’s become more of a selfie-book than a Facebook. Its content is somehow intriguing because most people love drama and it’s a user friendly social networking site. But, can any of us deny the fact that it does eat away a lot of our time, which we could have invested elsewhere? It’s anyway all for the namesake, isn't it?

 The great Indian soap opera: I fail to understand why at all we haven’t grown intolerant towards the overly-obvious and dramatically ridiculous Indian soap serials? They all start-up with supposedly distinctive themes but they all end-up deliberately drowning into the same sea of loud dialogues, heavy jewellery and gross costumes, marriages, murders, property disputes, and silly love affairs. And, they actually provide no new approach to our way of looking at the individual and the society. People tune their minds to these programs and relate themselves to the characters, because they don’t have other attractive options on the television. Unfortunately, almost every channel these days, is serving junk wrapped in different names and packs.

Baseless trending Rap: Anybody these days goes out and makes a music video, wearing heavy gold chains, an awkward baggy pair of jeans, with foreign models dancing to the stupid digital beat in the background. These rappers ‘read’ out simple and rhythm-less lyrics to which people can barely connect. Yet, such people end-up with heavier pockets than those who with sincerity and a message contribute to the music industry. Though, there are a few rappers who have excelled a great deal by labouring hard on innovating sensible lyrics but the rest others are just popping up like mushrooms and are simply producing tracks which can in minutes chew your brain.

Fake smart heads: Last but not the least; avoid close encounters with people who like fake doctors give you odd prescriptions. Such people would always tell you, to do and be this and that. But, don’t ever forget that it is your life and you were blessed with enough brain and heart to decide the right thing for yourself. And, thereby I suggest you to be a daring experimentalist who could discover and shape his/her world-view by their free and independent choice, rather than following somebody else blindly and becoming just another copy.

I believe, there are a lot of things getting involved in which, we end-up draining big chunk of our time and energy. And, we can work on it only if we are able to locate and accept it. So, here was my attempt to draw light and your attention on five of them.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Don’t try hard to fit-in, when you can totally rock by fitting-out!

Perhaps, the greatest reason of why most people lead an unhappy life is, because they are totally frustrated by not achieving satisfactory success by labouring hard to fit-in. We readily choose to forget our real selves in the race of becoming like everybody else. But, every now and then, when we come across Facebook quotes “be yourself” “you’re unique” “Know thy worth” and this and that, we always tend to put like and share it wide. Here’s a list of six open suggestions, to help you stay high while you choose to not-fit-in. 

Selfie-syndrome: Squeeze, bend, raise eye brows and pout! Is that it? Is that how we must register our days and put it across our page? We surely, don’t experience our moments like that, then why must we fabricate it glossy, in order to be accepted? If everybody becomes same, then don’t you think world would become just a terribly boring place? Share your real self and encourage others to do the same.                                                                                                                                       

Fairness addiction: Don’t go get your skin bleached to achieve a fair skin tone. You are blessed with distinct features; learn how to appreciate that, instead of running about experimenting fake fairness assuring products. Be remembered for your fair approach, not your fake-fair tone.

Dress-up only for yourself: I see a lot of people trying real hard to fit-in their bodies in apparels which are “trendy and brandy” and most of the times they end-up looking awkwardly trapped. So, why not just give-up this habit which not just makes you look trapped and constipated but also doesn't give you the breathe-free comfort, which is a must to enable yourself to put 100% into your work and other matters of priority.

Pick-up the career You desire: This is way too important for any ambitious person. Making the right choice at the right time is the trick to success in both; professional and personal front. Don’t get into the career which your friends and family advice, if you don’t agree with their choice. Dare to stand-up for yourself, be bold enough to prioritise your dreams and aspirations, no matter how wild and weird they may sound to others. If you can dream it, then you can do it.

Marry, if you want to marry: No matter how digitalised India is becoming, it still holds the chronic social outlook. Haven’t you seen uncles and aunties saying with their eyebrows raised “Oh she’s become of marriageable age, I’ll help her parents find the match before it’s late” while holding their overly-loaded dinner plates at marriage or other functions? They are least interested in food, but far more interested in other people’s marriage status, no matter how many degrees these uncle and aunties have in their kitties. So, such people were, are, and will sadly always be there in our not-so-dynamic society. Make sure you don’t end-up marrying a complete stranger just due to sheer societal-pressure because you just don’t need to fit-in and earn such people’s certificate.

Why sniff weed when you adore eating fresh pulpy fruits? : You visit any high school or university, you can easily locate kids experimenting drug and liquor in secluded corners or in their car-comfort with loud music. Well, experimenting is not a bad idea, but following just for the sake of fitting-in a trending lifestyle alternative, is not so cool at all. Do whatever, but don’t get carried away. 

Live your life on Your terms, not on somebody else's.