Friday, 18 December 2015

Be a doer!

Do you happen to be one of those who think a lot, but are unfortunately able to do very little, to make it all visible and real? Ever wondered, why you act like that or why you are unable to act at all? It is surely not as others remark; “you've got no talent”, “you’re useless” it’s perhaps, because you find it very difficult to summon-up all your attention to one thing, as you want to do so much! So, why not face and settle it?

Frankly, I believe, anybody can become whatever they have ever aspired. It is all just a matter of courage and dedication towards achieving that one crazy little diamond, thinking about which you spend night and day. So, here is a list of things you can do to go be a doer, instead of sitting back at your rocking chair and overdosing yourself with caffeine.

Wake-up early- Kicking off the sheet at the early hour is beneficial for all; doesn't matter whether you are a student,a working professional or a home maker. Time is money, so why waste it by snoring till late?

Feel the smell of sweat- It’s kind of sweet, you know the post workout smell of sweat.  Undeniably, exercising has countless benefits; it not just arouses the healthy feeling, but also helps you attain a balance which is a must have and of course, improves your reflexes which are a great add-on to the personality. So, do it whenever you get the time, but make sure you do it!

To-do-list- Yes, that funny thing is a good habit to have. Keeping up a to-do-list helps you structure your routine and gives you the opportunity to work out on the loop holes. You can do the listing thing in a creative manner, and then you will see how achieving each target, would give you the opportunity to have so much fun!

Treat yourself- It’s very important to encourage the self, by treating yourself well. Each time you achieve a milestone, treat yourself, maybe with a blossomed flower, a warm cup of coffee, a chocolate, or anything at all that makes you feel delightful. 

Meditate, to gain focus- By suggesting meditation as a solution, I am not asking you to sit at one place, enchanting some random mantra, with your eyes closed. I am asking you to do whatever that makes you feel wholesome and united; it can be gardening, travelling, writing, cooking, painting, dancing, or whatever. Just try to bring-in harmony and synchronization to your inner cosmos.

Become a self-critic: Because, it is just you, you alone who knows the exact. So, only you can give yourself the best possible advice. Actually, we all do know when and where we falter; it’s just that we hesitate to accept it. But, the moment we convince ourselves to face it, we can actually do lot great!

Flush out the toxic: Yes, please do that, else it will all just ruin your inner calm. Of course, people will make variety of assumptions and some will also daringly suggest and preach that too with an overly-bright confidence, but, I suggest you to flush-out their random comments and let only hope lit your heart.

Embrace your real-self and be fearless: Pick the courage-up, face your fears and knock them off. Common’, we all have boxful of fears, but to truly and fully live each moment, we have to rise above & beyond and allow ourselves to experience a wholesome growth.

So, I hope, you hereby shall give yourself another try, because “Yeah, we're all wonderful, wonderful people, So when did we all get so fearful?, Now we're finally finding our voices, So take a chance, come help me sing this”-Emeli Sandé - Read All About It.

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