Monday, 14 December 2015

7 Kickass reasons to stay actively blogging

So, what do you think of bloggers, that they are perhaps some ‘overly-hopeful’ writers who think that they do have a handsome amount of readers? Why do you think bloggers blog, to add-on something to their portfolios, to thereafter earn fame and recognition? Or to do something on their own, for they feel totally screwed-up by the systems they belong to? For they have ideas and opinions worth keyboarding and for the rest of the people worth reading? Blogging has startling side-benefits that are sadly not as obvious to casual readers and random commentators. So, today, I’ll put out to you 7 kickass reasons to stay actively blogging, despite of the things that people throw at your face to shut you up from blogging. I hope you be all eyes!

  Gives you a sense of accomplishment: To be able to convey to people, your true opinion is one of those very important things which otherwise can cause constipation and make you feel totally entrapped. Having a personal blog, is like having a platform to openly talk.

            Gives you stability: People come and go changing our lives back and forth. But, keeping up a blog gives you stability; makes you feel home every time you come back to it and type out your randomly popped-up ideas and emotional flux.

          Gives you visibility on Google searches: Yeah, it happens if you manage to be quiet active on your blog. Who doesn't want to be up on the Google searches? After all, it’s like the virtual hall of fame, being where makes you feel great and motivated to go on and experiment some bit more.  

       You get acknowledged: Whether we accept it or we don’t, the fact remains that we all yearn for a sort of approval and acknowledgement, from the ones we live around.  By keeping-up a blog, you not only get noticed by your old pals, family folks, distant relatives, ex-bosses and colleagues, but also by new random people around the world, whose opinion of your work happens to remain unflavoured by your real-life identity and thus makes you feel wonderfully fuelled.
          You like a tree grow: Frankly, there isn't anything like keeping-up a blog, you nourish it and it nourishes you back. Isn't that a beautiful enough? And, through the process you will see yourself making leaps and bounds of personal growth. It enables you to do much more with your life and thus brings you closer to yourself.  

          You flourish as a writer: We all write, so in a way we all are writers. But, when you start up a blog and you do have the motive of achieving readership and then you make you sure that you write creatively and while doing so when you push yourself beyond the limits, you become better. And, practising extensively can only make you perfect.

          You evolve and your dreams seem to be shaping into reality: When you work for a company, you contribute to its growth. But, when you work on your blog, you contribute to your individual growth and take steps towards fulfilling your dreams, provided you keep it consistent; not neglected. And, if you do it all religiously, you will be amazed to realise just how accessible your dreams can be.

So, happy blogging!

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