Friday, 4 December 2015

Don’t try hard to fit-in, when you can totally rock by fitting-out!

Perhaps, the greatest reason of why most people lead an unhappy life is, because they are totally frustrated by not achieving satisfactory success by labouring hard to fit-in. We readily choose to forget our real selves in the race of becoming like everybody else. But, every now and then, when we come across Facebook quotes “be yourself” “you’re unique” “Know thy worth” and this and that, we always tend to put like and share it wide. Here’s a list of six open suggestions, to help you stay high while you choose to not-fit-in. 

Selfie-syndrome: Squeeze, bend, raise eye brows and pout! Is that it? Is that how we must register our days and put it across our page? We surely, don’t experience our moments like that, then why must we fabricate it glossy, in order to be accepted? If everybody becomes same, then don’t you think world would become just a terribly boring place? Share your real self and encourage others to do the same.                                                                                                                                       

Fairness addiction: Don’t go get your skin bleached to achieve a fair skin tone. You are blessed with distinct features; learn how to appreciate that, instead of running about experimenting fake fairness assuring products. Be remembered for your fair approach, not your fake-fair tone.

Dress-up only for yourself: I see a lot of people trying real hard to fit-in their bodies in apparels which are “trendy and brandy” and most of the times they end-up looking awkwardly trapped. So, why not just give-up this habit which not just makes you look trapped and constipated but also doesn't give you the breathe-free comfort, which is a must to enable yourself to put 100% into your work and other matters of priority.

Pick-up the career You desire: This is way too important for any ambitious person. Making the right choice at the right time is the trick to success in both; professional and personal front. Don’t get into the career which your friends and family advice, if you don’t agree with their choice. Dare to stand-up for yourself, be bold enough to prioritise your dreams and aspirations, no matter how wild and weird they may sound to others. If you can dream it, then you can do it.

Marry, if you want to marry: No matter how digitalised India is becoming, it still holds the chronic social outlook. Haven’t you seen uncles and aunties saying with their eyebrows raised “Oh she’s become of marriageable age, I’ll help her parents find the match before it’s late” while holding their overly-loaded dinner plates at marriage or other functions? They are least interested in food, but far more interested in other people’s marriage status, no matter how many degrees these uncle and aunties have in their kitties. So, such people were, are, and will sadly always be there in our not-so-dynamic society. Make sure you don’t end-up marrying a complete stranger just due to sheer societal-pressure because you just don’t need to fit-in and earn such people’s certificate.

Why sniff weed when you adore eating fresh pulpy fruits? : You visit any high school or university, you can easily locate kids experimenting drug and liquor in secluded corners or in their car-comfort with loud music. Well, experimenting is not a bad idea, but following just for the sake of fitting-in a trending lifestyle alternative, is not so cool at all. Do whatever, but don’t get carried away. 

Live your life on Your terms, not on somebody else's. 

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