Tuesday, 22 December 2015

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

The quote is most often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Whose policy of non-violence was famously used in the campaign for freedom and independence in India. Back then, it had stood for non-violence and patient-retaliation. Though, there were many freedom fighters who did not quite agree with Gandhi’s philosophy. Yet, even in this day and age it holds relevance for peace-proposers from across the globe.

Sadly, we live in a world where people are losing their tolerance power and ability to forgive, underneath the ever rising pressure to compete and win. We happen to have more enemies than friends. We feel wronged and unjustified which is why we go on to rebel with fists and loud words. But, we fail to realise that fighting would do no good; that making drone-strikes will only make more innocents die than the extremists and it only gives birth to more anger and desperation for revenge.

We march about human rights and liberation, but do we pause down to look into ourselves? The change that the world needs will have to begin from self-improvement; by studying our destructive history and the lost opportunities.  The thing is we have become too individualistic we have lost interest in belonging to anyone, listening to anyone else’s ideas. We are ‘want-it-all and want-it-now’ generation, we just cannot wait for the right moment and that’s basically how we screw-up the whole process.

And, if for example, I talk about India, it sadly happens to have a culture which is pretty much unkind to children. Reprimanding by beating is the only solution which pops-up in people’s mind to discipline the child. Sparing the rod is certainly, not our culture, but using it, is. How unfortunate it is, that we think children get disciplined when we are violent, in deeds or verbally. But, in reality, we don't create disciplined children, we instead create, paranoid children who lie and cheat to somehow safeguard themselves against that irrational violence (though, of course violence is beyond any possible rational).

“Violence perpetuates violence”; these kids become clones of the ones who beat them and the circle goes on. Thus, violence is almost genetic. And, it’s time that we must raise our voices, to things that take place within and out our closed-circles. Because, rememberYour children will follow your example, not your advice.”, so why don’t we also work on improving ourselves, rather than blaming the kids for their way-out-of-the-left-field lifestyle. And, be friends to them rather than belittling them all the time, just because they are not of our age.

It’s very important, for us all to realize, that “An eye for leaves the whole world blind”, if you bring to your notice things which are happening all around the world, you will feel so deeply sorry for the both sides; ones who perpetuate the violence and the ones who get victimised.  And, it all happens because we are so blinded by ever-increasing hatred and the desperation to avenge.

World needs people who are tolerant enough to understand each other and bring back the lost harmony. But, by not forgiving or giving second chance, we are blocking away the possibilities of a bright future, a future for all, where each other’s voice is heard and addressed. So, we should work on reaching beyond borders, not to extract and exploit resources but to offer an empathetic hand of help. We have got brain, but let us not forget we have got a heart too, which we must use and emit love for all.

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