Monday, 30 May 2016

Train thyself!

Many of you must have several times heard people talking about one of the most popular Shakespearean quotes “Know thyself”, but I would like to talk about a step further; Train thyself. Knowing the self in terms of both virtues and vices is absolutely essential. For instance: if you have come to the point of realization where you are able to understand and accept that you have got an anger-issue, then to achieve control and resolve the issue you need to train yourself. And, trust me, living in an age where more and more avenues for knowledge absorption are becoming digitally accessible, nothing at all is impossible; not even the process of ‘training thyself’.

From learning how to manage your anger to cooking exotic new cuisines, you can count on the internet to train yourself to accomplish almost anything that ever existed or is worth being innovated.  However, the key to success of every sort remains the same; patience and sharp focus. So, if you’re confused about how to actually start training yourself, take my advice of first bringing order and discipline to your life by religiously following these simple steps:

Wake-up early but work hard till late- Creating and more importantly abiding by a routine can help you restore and channelize your energy in achieving all your set targets.

Intoxicate- To be able to proceed forward and work hard, you ought to first cleanse your head and make space for fresh and positive ideas.

Say ‘Yes’- Let life flow and teach you along. Summon the courage to say ‘yes’ to whatever life may throw at you. For whatever happens, happens to teach us something incredibly valuable.

Be your coach- Let’s face it; nobody else apart from you would ever think of you, with greater interest than you. So, be your coach, be strict but also be self-rewarding.

Filter and absorb- Don’t simply buy any narration, do your research and the practical before building your belief.

Never stop- Life is a learning process. Never stop training yourself; checking yourself even when you are able to locate visible signs of success.

So what are you still waiting for? Figure out your calling and get going!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Let’s UnNumb the world!

Many of you would have wondered about the possible reason behind the name switch-over i.e. from Hopper’s Blog to UnNumb. Well, the reason is simple that the purpose can be served better under this new label, for all that this Hopper has ever intended to suggest in her uniquely colloquial voice, are workable ways to un-fuck the world. There is too much chaos spread around both in our internal and external cosmos, which does need due care and attention. UnNumb is going to do just that and help build a growth supportive environment for us all to rise above & beyond.  I strongly hope to have your continual readership and fruitful interaction.