Wednesday, 9 December 2015

8 simple ways of attaining back your lost equilibrium!

Everybody needs motivation, to carry-on through the hard times. But, in a day & age where more and more people are becoming ‘anti-social’, or I should rather say ‘selectively-social’, it’s kind of becoming more difficult for us all to address our motivational draught. So, what to do? Well, here I am to offer you a list of things you can try to attain back your lost equilibrium.

Gardening: Yes, I suggest you to mow your lawn all by yourself.  Vibrant lush of plants arouses hope and deepens your sense of aesthetics which adds to your life a sort of meaning and abundance. It actually works, on my last birthday my mother brought me a sapling and asked me to take care of its everyday nourishment and I did kind of laugh but at the same time I was excited to build and grow something on my own. And, now when I see that plant grown up beautifully, I feel kind of accomplished.

Let the rhythm take control: Good music can always get hold of you and cuddle you to its process of soulful nourishment. But, you have to be a little careful while hand picking tracks from trending genres. I suggest, you lend your ear to instrumental music; Sitar, violin, guitar, piano, flute and in fact, it would simply be wonderful if you could try your hands onto any of these and let the music take over.

Go get a ticket: Do you know, what’s the most beautiful thing about films? I believe that it is, that they offer you ride to a different land all together and bind you to its intensity, making you forget your current of ambiguity and troubles. But, yes you get to be picky about the genre again. And, I suggest you should try watching biographical films and sport films instead of gluing yourself to romantic or suspense thrillers.

Tighten-up your laces: In our stiffly scheduled routine, we lose out on our health and end-up with multiple medical conditions. I believe, 30 minutes of brisk walking is not only good for your physical health but also it will help you gain back the lost focus and reflexes.  Remember, life is all about taking right decisions at the right time else you’ll end-up regretting all through your life. So, I suggest you should wear back that Nike.

Munch good, feel good:  What we eat and drink does not impact our body, but also influences our thinking pattern. Munching-in fresh fruits and sipping good amount of fluid can help you regain a mental balance and shall eventually drive you to go further without sitting back and regretting. Trust me, when you munch good, you do feel healthy and lively!

Paint a stroke or two: Frankly, anybody can paint. In fact, it’s great fun to paint your random visions and to thereby put-out the clutter. Composing a piece of art is a process of beautification and self-discovery. You don’t have to be a Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci; you just need to be yourself. So, get a white paper pad, some paint tubes and get started!

Take that backpack out: Yes, I meant travelling. It is pretty important for us all to take breaks and move out to breathe fresh air. Travelling allows you to come closer to yourself and trust me, nobody can ever motivate you the way you yourself can. It helps you become a spectator and see your life differently, making it easy for you to then think of apt solutions and implement them with newly fused-in courage and hope.

Thou shalt do the dance! : Well, I love the ending of “Evens almighty” for this one dialogue especially which Morgan Freeman, the almighty, delivers as the new commandment. Really, I think dancing-it-off is the best thing to do. Dancing, as an activity is so intriguing and intense that you can simply shake-off all the negative vibes by religiously moving your butt.

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