Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yes, I have a beagle and I totally adore her!

A lot of people often tell me and my family folks “You did a mistake by bringing-up a beagle in the house! See how it has chewed all your furniture!” well, that’s a very dangerous thing to say in a houseful of dog lovers; because we then just politely ask such people to take back home their blabbering inconsiderate mouth.

Beagles, come from the lineage of scent hounds, they are hyperactive, mischievous, but also, cuddly and irresistibly cute. I and my folks adopted our one, after having rescued her from an animal testing laboratory. Beagles are tested upon and it’s a cruel process which turns even these energetic creatures into dull and depressive.

I believe, purchasing dogs from breeders, is possibly the worst thing to do. For breeders, it’s nothing but business and for delivering the ordered number of puppies, they make the mother dog go through hell. So, I will advise you to look after the well-being of the stray animals, and if you are interested in getting one then make sure you adopt the ill and needy one. And, trust me, dogs are all alike, they all love you back no matter of which breed they are. Beagles prove how they are more than just creatures with wagging tails and puppy eyes, by blessing our lives with moments of smiles and laughter. They:

 They have amazingly impressive vocal chords- Their vocal chords are much fuller and louder than other dogs. This makes their presence in your cosy home, more lively. 

      They can sniff you out of any dungeon you might fall into: Beagles are one of those hounds who can sniff you out from anywhere. Though, they also most of the times keep running here and there following the scent. So, they basically are curious creatures.

 Their sense of smell can land them a job: With their astonishingly powerful smelling ability and compact body size, beagles’ make-up as great working dogs. Though, they also can’t help sniffing other animal’s poop.

      They are pretty famous: Beagles, have interesting personality, which is why, they've somehow made it into cartoons and films; Snoopy, Odie from  Garfield, Gromit from Wallace and Gromit, Poochie from The Simpsons, Mr Peaboy from Rocky, and Underdog(super-do-hero protagonist) from the film Underdog.

      They sleep like angels: When beagles dose off, they look cuter than human babies. And, they also never care about anything at all once they are off to their world of cheese and chopsticks

      They fill your heart with joy: Beagles are hyperactive they keep hopping around excitedly, making you healthy by running around them laughingly.

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