Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Seven intriguing reasons, for you to start-up meditation

In a world of ever increasing hustle, living has become a task! You will find most people “dealing” with their life somehow, instead of enjoying it to the fullest. Sadly, television pours-in a lot of pessimism which instantaneously knocks down the existing optimism. Some say, “Life is all about finding equilibrium”, but in everyday life of deadlines and ever tightening competition, how do you even make efforts towards seeking your equilibrium?
Meditation is the answer. Yes, it really is, provided you do it with all earnestness. Time values only the ones, who value the time and act smart. But, we often choose to throw this away like a waste paper ball off our conscience mind. Which is why, we end-up draining our time in cribbing about almost every person and appreciating absolutely nothing. We thereby, hamper our process of learning by depriving ourselves from emotionally evolving.
It’s observed that humans are most attracted to the things which are forbidden. Not every wrong habit can be curbed by strict regulations; that is to suggest that mere structural changes are not enough, the urgency is to initiate a psychological and emotional change. And, because charity must began at home, it becomes important that we all pick-up the responsibility of enlightening ourselves, breaking-away from chronic stereotypes, becoming more considerate individuals and thereby contribute towards formation of a better society. I strongly believe that meditation can help us in turning this utopian dream into reality.
Well, meditation does a lot of good to you, if you ardently make and follow a routine.
1-       Helps you become a life spectator: It helps you attain the ability to step back from the mechanics of feelings and become a spectator of life, rather than being just another player, meeting just another fatal end, and thereby learn & absorb deeply.
2-      Helps subdue the hypnotic power of the material world: Meditation helps you become an awakened observer and thereby comprehend the complexity of life. And, once awakened, you would definitely not let the materialistic reality define you.
3-      Makes you emotionally nourished: Emotional nourishment happens when you expose yourself to ideas which fuse hope and colour into your life. But, in this day & age where survival has become a competition, hope seems to fade away.
4-      Helps you comprehend the reason of your existence: Everybody is blessed with a purpose, an inner calling. Meditation brings with it the opportunity of comprehending that inner voice and fuses-in the required confidence to work on it and achieve what you must, in order to do justice.
5-      Connects you with the divine: A lot of people are switching over to atheism. But, somewhere down the line, we all believe in the existence of an omnipresent superior being, which helps us get through in most difficult times. Meditation helps use connect to that power; divinity.
6-      Gives birth to inner happiness: Meditation helps you understand that happiness is and must be an inner affair, which must not ever be affected by outer dynamic circumstances.
7-      Gives you a sense of alleviation: Meditation as a process, primarily aims to help you rise above & beyond your circumstances, by exciting your senses with the transcendental possibilities.

So, don’t just deal with your life, live it!

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