Monday, 19 October 2015

Through the night, enrich your mind.

Life is easy, but we make it difficult by thinking too much and acting too little. And, when-so-ever the clouds of darkness and ambiguity eclipse our sunshine; our self-criticism turns into cynicism. So, what must we do, to not let this ever happen? I guess, we should rather be grateful of what-ever circumstances and challenges knock our shores down. Because, it's the tough times which help us evolve ourselves better.

None of us are born with all skills known. But, we all have fertile minds and by making constant efforts, we can do almost everything and achieve the impossible. By keeping patience and believing in ourselves, we allow our minds to transcend and strive for excellence and beauty.

Happiness is a way of being. And, it shouldn't ever be affected by the outer circumstances. Everything is dynamic; ever changing, nothing is forever. So, why rely on outer landscape to fuel the inside joy? My suggestion would be, to instead work even harder under the shade of dark clouds, so that when the sun is set to shine, we have enough good reasons to smile.

Sometimes we need to fall down, in order to discover what we've been ignoring since a very long time. Everything teaches us, if only we are ready to learn. Night; hard times, provide us the opportunity to ponder and discover ourselves by bringing us the time to dare, experiment, learn and grow. So, be grateful and think positive like a proton!

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