Thursday, 8 October 2015

Why must you have chaos to give birth to a dancing star?

To the ones who question artists about the muse of their artistry, to the ones who wonder about why do the artist value the experience of pain more than that of joy. Chaos offers the fertile ground on which the seed of creativity grows. It's the fragrance in presence of which the flower blossoms. Here, Chaos represents the state of trance. Everybody's got brain, but sadly not everybody dwells into deep thinking. Thinking deep doesn't signify depression, it rather signifies introspection. 

It often happens that when think deep, we come across the ever lingering confusion, the doubts, to do or not to do, to be or not to be. When we start questioning, exploring and eventually experimenting, we tend to become a more conscious being. 

This chaos isn't an emotionless affair. It is always a process which is actively charged with emotions. Emotions include our dreams, our regrets, our tranquil moments. Some people say "It's always better, wiser and safer to be a spectator than to be a player". I believe, this has got some real time relevance; everything happens for a reason, but to come even a little close to that, you've got to be patient and attentive.

I've learnt variety of lessons over time, now that surely doesn't mean that my head is sprinkled with grey locks, already. But, coming back to the point, I've always managed to embrace whatever life knocked my door with; good or bad. And, I think that's how it should be, we all should labour to keep going forward and combing the unimaginable. 

This is not something, which I am randomly scribbling. I've met people who showed me how it's done; how our pain can be used as a motivator to give birth to a dancing star, to an unimaginable creative and a totally original product. Everybody has got creative talent, but it's not possible to learn of it without believing in magic inside you and exhausting the extraordinary skills. So, go explore your spark!

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