Sunday, 11 October 2015

Never Give-up Believing

The day you give-up on yourself, is the day you give-up on all the possible possibilities. Yes, I understand its life, not a fairy film sequence. But, why give-up, why ever give-up?  It often happens with us hoppers; we land-up in regret because we choose to experiment rather than do the same thing in a trending fashion. That’s true creativity; to live life differently! 

Just imagine, if nobody ever deviated, would have this world ever become so beautiful? Oh, of course, it is beautiful despite of the shooting crime rates and alarming environmental issues. Life is said to be dynamic because our circumstances can never be static. And, that is how our requirements change, pressure of adjusting in the new cultural environment rises and the birth of new ideas take place. And, this is not just about India, it is happening everywhere.

Birth of new ideas sometimes lead to action directed towards growth in a whole new manner. So, every time somebody dares to deviate, he/she innovates, having firstly believed in the possibility of betterment. So, never give-up!

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