Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tame Your Anger, Before It Tames You!

Managing anger is very important. Because, it rips apart your hard earned peace and patience. In this ever dynamic world, the pressure of surviving by beating out everybody else is only going to increase. Anger, can do you both; good and bad, it depends on how you handle your boiling current. You can do constructively well if you channelize your anger and make it your motivation to fuel-back your lost spirit and take-up the dropping challenge or you can let it cause destruction both physical and mental to yourself and the ones around.

Here’s a list of 8 things you could do when you just can’t handle your fury-

1-Walk-Out: A lot of people think that walking-out is simply a disrespectful gesture, but I believe blabbering senselessly and loudly is even worst. So, I suggest, instead of over-reacting you should walk-out and curl down in a space where you can freely breathe, think objectively and take decision accordingly. Walking-out brings you the time and space to retrospect and see things from a unbiased perspective.

2-Indulge yourself: Occupy your physical-self with work of whatever kind you like and your mind would follow.
 Take your dog for a walk- dogs are joyous bundles, they know how to make your real-self bounce back.
        Cook or Bake- Food can do wonders and dressing it can bring alive the creativity in you.
Go lyrical and sing a song- Who doesn't like singing and when you’re alone in your space with nobody around to judge you then you can sing out loud and drain-out the frustration from your head.
Wash dishes- It might sound to you crazy but washing dishes is like mending things and when you clean and beautify things you feel hopeful and of course that anger in your and uncontrollable hand make just the right mix to scrub off the stubborn dirt and stickiness.

3-Create: A lot of people go mad during their panic attacks but there are a few how wisely channelize their anger and focus on creating things rather than letting the anger go loose. For example; artists pour their rage into art-work, music track, athletes fuel their spirit and focus on winning matches and marathons. So, it depends on you, how you use anger to beautify and create something bigger and better which could later speak for you and justify your earnestness.  
4-Put the headphones on: Music is perhaps the quickest way to transport you to a calmer land. Music has therapeutic benefits; it awakens you to galaxy full of possibilities. By simply increasing the volume you can mute the world around and treat your senses. So, let the music play!

5-Do a dance: Dancing is always a fun thing to do, no matter the situation (until you’re in a funeral, where you have to act serious) it engages every inch of your body and leaves you empowered with joy and energy.

6-Pick a book and sniff though: Getting hold of the story line takes time but if you carry-on curiously then it can help you transcend from your current mess. It will open imaginative doors to a different world which will definitely prove to be a fruitful experience for you.

 7-Do a little gardening: Plants always give a lively feeling by emitting variety of fresh fragrances which will help you distract yourself from the thing that triggered your anger and would cool you down.

8- Drink healthy fluid: Water and fruit juices help keep the body hydrated. And, it’s a done and tested method to cool down your anger. It just keeps it all better.

These are workable medicines which will do you absolutely no harm! 

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