Tuesday, 3 November 2015

8 Reasons in support to your decision, of picking-up a work-from-home!

A lot of people consider work-from-home a bizarre idea, but to many youngsters it makes more sense than working in a tight off atmosphere. Work is work the purpose should solely be to get it done. Of course, I understand that it depends on industry to industry and on the nature of work.

But, here are 8 reasons which you can confidently slam on other people’s face who consider you wasting your time by sitting and work in the comfort of your home.

Helps you save hell lot of money: This is one fat reason which holds lot of relevance; when you do work-from-home, you save lot of money which you otherwise would have spent on buying trending dresses, jewellery, watches, boots, bikes, cars and of course petrol to roll down to the office building.

Helps you stay away from senseless gossips: Where does it not happen? Where there are people, there would also be politics. And, overdosing on gossips only makes your focus blurry, which definitely is not a very healthy thing to happen to you.

Helps you focus only and only on your work: Comfort matters, which is why many people find it hard to adjust in an office because the stiff work environment hampers their flow of creativity. And, to create a stand-out product everybody needs space to breath.

Helps you stay connected with family folks: One of the major benefits of opting from work-from-home is that it helps you avoid disconnection that happens when you pick-up job in far flung place where you time is inflexible. After all, family matters and must matter.

Helps you stay fresh and healthy: When you work from home, you get the opportunity of going in-between to maybe make a fresh green salad, a cup of coffee, or pet your dog laughingly, all of these activities relax your mind, and you can do these instead of taking naps and then get back to work refreshed.

Helps you save a handsome amount of time: Commuting to work place every day, engulfs a lot of time, which you can otherwise better allocate in your routine to do bigger and better things.

Helps you keep away from stress: Stress is one chief reason which reduces productivity and fades away the motivation to strive and achieve better and go higher. There are lot of ideas which revolve around our head 24/7; these distract us from focusing on our work. So, less the stress, the better shall be the work. The stress level is definitely higher and so are the risk factors when one works in the taut cubicle.

Helps you happily devote extra hours: As per a study, about 76% of people who work from home are often more willing to put in extra when needed. Isn't that a wonderful attitude towards work?

So, do you now feel better about the decision you took, to work-from-home? Well, if yes, then I am glad! 

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