Saturday, 7 November 2015

Come, let’s talk about suicide!

In this time & space, where we are not ashamed to accept that we make friends for benefits, where we practice sycophancy to save our jobs, where we choose to stay mute over things and people who need their urgencies to be heard, where finding a mall buildings is much easier than locating a park full of trees, that where is here! And, here suicidal rates are ever increasing, because our patience level are soaring too fast, our hearts are swelling with hopelessness at the tender age, our salaries are earned in tightly packed competitive environment and our families are going emotionally broke. And, this here is where we must dare to talk about suicide and how religion and desperation to escape this rattrap complicates the decision making.

But, first we must understand what suicide really is; it certainly is never a pointless or a random act. It takes a lot of courage to choke-away one’s life. And, the ones who do it are mainly the ones who have lost hope of finding solution to their problems; it’s sort of a way out from some or the other kind of unbearable dilemma. It is a choice that somehow seems to be the only potential solution. There are many factors which together make suicide pop-up as an auto-suggestion to your conscience;

Family history- Action and behaviour of the people close to us always has a certain amount of impact on us. And, a grave decision like that of a suicide taken by a family member would always manage to stay in our head and make us think whether or not it was the right decision to take. Whenever a similar circumstance in our life occurs, suicide unfortunately tends to pop-up as an auto suggestion.

Crashing hopes- No matter how much we tell ourselves to stop expecting from people, we still do imaginatively weave cob webs of expectations and end-up getting tangled in them. When reality fails to meet our rosy expectations, our hopes come crashing down. At times the damage is so severe that exiting seems to be the only sensible option.

Career pressure- A huge number of suicidal cases exist because those huge number of people submitted to their career pressure, fused upon them by their family and so-called-friends. What is important is to understand that a 90.9% or A-grade college degree or a job in big corporate is not the end of life. What truly matters is your happiness and intelligence in no way guarantees happiness. Though, it does teach you variety of important things but that is not it. That does not mean you sacrifice everything else to get that one thing with which you could boast-off in nerd circles.

Suicide is considered sinful, by not one or two but by almost every existing religion. For example, Jews are frowned upon by suicides and thus they bury the dead body in a separate part of a Jewish cemetery, and may not receive certain mourning rites.  Conferring to the theology of the Roman Catholic Church, suicide is objectively a sin which does violate the commandment "Thou shalt not kill”.  Islam just like other Abrahamic religions, considers suicide as one of the greatest sins and utterly disadvantageous to one's spiritual journey. And, if you talk about Hinduism, they view suicide as spiritually unacceptable. Committing suicide is thus considered a violation of the code of ahimsa (non-violence) and therefore equals in terms of sin just as murdering another.

Though, no explanation can ever justify the self-destructive behaviour, yet people haves tried to understand the psyche behind the bold selfish decision. It is considered a cowardly act by most people, perhaps it is that way, yet who knows? We all have dreams and aspirations, skills and imperfections, but whatever the situation might be, we must never let our inner beauty be destroyed by thorns led outside. And, anyway “You cannot find peace by avoiding life”.

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