Friday, 13 November 2015

Films which will leave an everlasting smile on your face

Do you know what makes a work of art, beautiful? It’s the life in it, which happens to exist only because of the sincere imaginative efforts of the artist. I am talking in reference to the films, which are fuel-ready to transport you to a different land, where by just observing the functionality of things and people, you can find your lost self.

My list of marvellous distractions includes films from different genres. And, these I believe are best to watch in the night time when everybody else falls asleep, gifting you the opportunity for using your time and space in a much better way. So, let me now put out to you, the films from my treasure box.

The Legend of 1900- This film by Giuseppe Tornatore, manages to top my list of adored films. It’s about a boy who was found on an ocean liner in the year 1900, who is adopted and raised in the ship. He decides to never step his feet onto the ground, not because he has no legal identity or document but because he finds ocean to be boundless source of musical nourishment.  Moreover, Tim Roth perfectly executes the assigned role with charmingly raw elegance.

       De-lovely: Irwin Winkler’s De-lovely happens to be my second favourite films. It examines the magical biographical stage where composer Cole Porter reviews his life and career with his wife, Linda. It’s a must watch for the ones who find stage musicals absolutely amusing. It takes you through the life and struggle of Cole Porter who undeniably was an incredible pianist and a lyricist. The film is prettily dressed with beautiful soundtracks which will warmly melt your heart.

       Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind: Is an out-of-the-box film which tries to explore life of two people who tire-out of their relationship and decide to get each other’s memory erased from mind; to make it spotless. All of the fuzz that got created due to their obsession and the medical science experimentation, only made them realise that it was just a phase and they did truly love each other despite of all the flaws.

       Julie & Julia: If you happen to love cooking and baking, then this is one film that you would dearly love. A lot of people categories it as a food-film, but I believe it’s got lot more to offer, how important it is for women to attend the inner calling and follow their pursuit by believing in themselves, how everything teaches us and builds us, how working religiously towards your dream can beautify your mind and life. It’s very positive film where-in husbands of both Julie and Julia are shown to be very supportive and encouraging.
           Something’s Gotta Give:  Who doesn't like watching a romantic comedy? That too when it’s by two fine actors; Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton? It beautifully explores the desire for romance and togetherness in old age. It shows how life has so much more to offer than just wrinkles and body dysfunctional diseases.

            Truman Show:  Haven’t we all wondered sometime or the other about our lives being watched and played over? This tragic-comedy experimental film explores just that and Jim-Carry proves to be the perfect character-fit of the guy whose entire life is actually a T.V show.

           Good Will Hunting:  Gus Van Sant’s Good Will Hunting was a 1997 greatest hit and is celebrated till date for its beautiful thematic setting.  Will Hunting, a janitor at University of Massachusetts, has a blissful gift for mathematics, but to acknowledge and appreciate that he is directed to counselling by a psychologist, Sean, who helps him dig confidence and hope.  Robbie Williams and Matt Damon, together make the film richly memorable.

        Seven Pounds: Will Smith I believe is a legendary actor, I adore each of his work but I think Seven Pounds deserves much deeper respect and appreciation. It’s about a man with a fateful secret who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by happily helping seven strangers who he believed deserve much more than what they had. He gifts away everything to these seven people, from his property to his heart. The film is exceptionally inspiring but make sure you have a tissue box with you.  

           The Red Balloon: Written and directed by Albert Lamorisse, French film The Red Balloon is happy watch for everyone and anyone who has a liking for silent films. The balloon is shown to have a life of its own and this is understood only by a carefree lovely boy. The film is a great reminder of how we ignore the beauty of simple things and miss-out on being our true selves.

-        The Colour Purple: Steven Spielberg’s film The Color Purple is a 1985 classic. It is a daring adaptation of Alice Walker’s book The Color Purple. It features life of a girl who right from her childhood swallows sexual abuse and vents it out while scribbling letters to God. The film tries to do justice to Alice’s work by casting exceptionally talented actors and actresses. It’s a film about struggle, courage and empowerment which surely would motivate you to only settle for good.

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