Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Being at Google

Well, my experience at Korrade's #AskGoogle 2 day event in collaboration with Google- Gurgaon wasn’t just an average happy experience; it was rather an overwhelming one, which amazingly opened up my mind to a Global oceanic body (Google) that is convincingly offering an endless array of opportunities and solutions for people like you and me to grow above and beyond.

I had in my recent past the opportunity to make visits to companies across the verticals for a variety of purposes, but somehow I never felt compelled with enough joy to pause and write about my experiences. Apart from having one of the most stunningly enormous buildings, interestingly innovative canteens, awe-inspiring work-station decor, tidy green rooms, there’s something more than this that makes Google, unlike any other workplace.

Can you guess what that “something” might be? Well, that something is nothing other than the spark of content and pride, which I assure you can spot in the eyes of each Googler and mind you the list includes not just Coders, Designers, Sales or Communication professionals, but also chefs, receptionists, and guards at Google.

During the sessions, I never for a minute felt bored, instead, I tried my best to absorb as much as I could from the humbly interactive execution of informative presentations. I strongly believe, to build any initiative into a phenomenal institution, one doesn’t just require swift funding, but more essentially an enthusiastic team of employees which feels happy and humble firstly about their association and secondly about their work.

So, to me, THIS is how any company should aspire itself to be like. 

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