Thursday, 8 September 2016

Intervention Of The Divine

Dearest Reader,

I know I haven't posted since a very long time. The reason is, I met with an accident lately, an accident which gave me a head injury, but it, more importantly, gave me back my lost clarity. Okay, this might sound a little fancy to you, but that is how it is. Post my accidents, I could recognise and understand the pattern of events in my life so far, with an astounding amount of clarity.

Frankly, after being badly hit and literally thrown onto the ground, by this random vehicle speedily driven by an absolutely inconsiderate driver, in a not-so-busy colony of Delhi, while I was simply crossing the street, I felt as if my breath had numbly paused, for forever.

It was not until later that day in the hospital that I realised I might have bled to death on the spot IF I had not picked the courage to walk and immediately rush for the nearest medical facility, by myself.
So, something in me; I now call it 'an ever-forgiving element of God' in me helped and guidingly took care of me and to everybody else it seemed as if I was the one who rescued me.

My accident now seems to be, perhaps the best thing that happened to me lately. I've now become much more grateful and observant towards the countless graces bestowed upon us all by the spirit (God) which look onto our safety while we every now and then embark on our new journeys.

To keep you immersed in this positive perspective and to inspire you to undertake a retrospection to be able to understand the pattern of life events, I would like to share with you a playlist which has in it some of the most extraordinary Sufi tracks from soulful musicians across the globe.

If you have a story similar to mine, based on an incident which profoundly strengthened your faith in the sublime, feel absolutely free to share the same in the comment box provided below. Till then, stay safe and stay grateful because everything will eventually fall in its right place.

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