Friday, 3 June 2016

Got Insomnia? Let's talk about it!

As a teenager, I always thought being an “Insomniac” was something incredibly cool. Surprisingly, now, I crave for a sound & proportionate sleep more than a perfectly warm slice of brownie. Sounds relatable?  Well that’s factually true for most of us who follow 9-6 work routine and wish to strive harder. Unfortunately, Insomnia is not growth supportive; instead it sharply kills our over-all productivity.   

However, before we talk about solutions, we first must know what exactly Insomnia is. Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders, which is characterized by difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Some people with insomnia may fall asleep easily but wake up too soon, whereas other insomniacs may have the opposite tendency. Of course, the end result is poor-quality sleep and an everlasting feeling of being lazy as hell.

If you dig deeper, you will come across studies that claim the existence of mainly two types of insomnia; primary and secondary. Secondary Insomnia is observed to be the most common type as almost 8 out of 10 people with insomnia are diagnosed with it.  Here, ‘Secondary’ in medical terms means that the insomnia is not the main thing; it is rather a symptom or a side-effect of some other chronic problem. Some of the problems that usually cause this type of insomnia include:

·     Serious medical illnesses; heart and lung diseases
·      Overdose of Caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and other substances that affect sleep
·       Chronic pain, anxiety, and depression
·       Heavy medicines that lead to delay or sleep- disruption as a side-effects
·       A poor sleep environment; or a sudden change in sleep routine

So, to keep yourselves from giving a ‘below-the-mark’ presentation at a crucial board meeting or dozing off accidentally while appearing for an important exam, you have got to get rid of your ‘unhealthy’ habits.

Get the right mattress: Sleep comfortably or don’t sleep at all. Make sure you have got the mattress which is neither too hard nor too soft.

Make your room soundproof:  Often, insomnia is caused by being awakened recurrently by loud noises. So, try sleeping in a soundproof room, or else wear earplugs.

Cut down your caffeine-intake: I agree, caffeine is a great pick-me-up, but it can also become really scary. It’s a great stimulator, but when you get to the point of needing that morning mug like the air you breathe it’s time you cut down your caffeine intake at least by half.

Take a bath and listen instrumental music: Wash and make yourself clean and while you do that play Instrumental music in the background. Instrumental music stimulates positive vibes deeper and faster than anything else, so maybe you can take some help.

Never trade your sleep: Sound sleep is a precious thing, trade it for no film, work, or late night party. Once in a while can be acceptable, but repeated patterns create concrete problems and if pattern is related to disruptive sleep, it can result into insomnia.

Let-go all your stress: Stress is considered to be the mother of all problems especially the ones related to our health.  Surviving in a competitive environment is not as easy as it may sound, because stress comes more often than the rains. To de-stress your life you can indulge in anything which engrosses you and makes you happy.  For instance: you can swim, run, paint, bake, play, listen to happy beats, or dance a step or two.

So, don’t be an insomniac, nor let anyone else be! 

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