Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Art of Standing Calmly Against the Wave

The art of standing calmly against the wave of change isn't too hard to master. But, before I go on to profess my understanding in detail, I would like to know, if  you remember having experienced moments which came straight out of the blue when in your mental landscape you sat back and asked yourself while brooding onto the sudden change of events, "Is this it?" "Was it this I was looking for?" "Will my decision be rewarding?" "Will that reward be enough to cheer me up?" Well, if you find this situation relatable, I suggest you get yourself a tumbler of fresh water and sit down to read through. 

To be honest, you aren't the only one; this happens with even the most optimistic of us, whenever we expose our minds to the possibility of change, we do feel a little daunted by the very idea of quitting a skillfully mastered pattern of life. And, why not? We spend an enormous portion of our time in settling down and then if all of a sudden, life expects us to change our ways to a tremendous extent, it will most probably cause a hard-to-overcome discomfort, right?

Having said that I will now ask you to lean back on your chair and calmly place your hands onto its armrest. For what I am going to now say will definitely help you see above and beyond your clouds of chaos. There are no absolute answers or solutions to anything at all, but there are always some tried and tested methods to deal with almost every situation, even with the discomfort caused by fretting over an unexpected change of events. And, trust me, there is an ocean full of little ways which can help you make improvisations at a larger scale. To help you frame a better understanding I have provided below a brief listicle. So, why don't you lean a bit forward now and curiously scroll through? 

Wipe your slate clean- One of our many habits that pull back most of us from performing extraordinarily in our lives is our stubbornness of not redeeming ourselves. We keep carrying the burden of our past unbecoming till the day we realize that we have lost a handsome number of opportunities.  So, I would like to humbly request you to wipe your slate clean and start afresh by giving yourself another chance and by thereafter applying a new perspective to comprehend the situation instead of giving up on the opportunity itself.

Befriend yourself, first- By this, I certainly do not intend to insinuate you to become a narcissist and throw your weight around. I just want to suggest, you know and befriend yourself first and later go onto looking for emotional support in others. Because I certainly believe that we are all complete in ourselves, just that we need to start believing in this fact. So, I will advise you to start acknowledging your strengths and also at the same time come to terms with your existing weaknesses. We all know where exactly we lack, right? We don’t really need others to raise their eyebrows and point it to us at our faces or lose an opportunity on the cost of knowing ourselves less. So, come on, let’s befriend us, first.

Beautify your space- Now do not dismiss this as a "girly thing", because placing and keeping things in order is a habit we all must try to bring into our routines. Ever wondered why at Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches and Mosques, people are able to sit back and meditate with an astounding abundance of energy and concentration? It's because of the exclusive ambiance that these places offer wherein you can come and tie together the broken strings. It’s all about providing your inner-self with the essential free space to think and make mindful and timely decisions. So, why don’t you make a pact with yourself to take due care of your surroundings to become productive like never before? 

Gardening- Spending time with plants can sometimes be the best motivational stimulator. You would be amazed to know that gardening can help reduce the level of stress hormone, can significantly boost up your immunity system and also potentially improve your brain health. I believe that God is in details and trust me, if you spare each day even a small portion of your precious time, to observe the gorgeous plants in your garden, you will most definitely be able to gain back the lost clarity in your life and become more thoughtful about almost everything. 

Take a break- It usually happens, especially over the weekends that we feel we have really been underperforming in regards to handling our roles and responsibilities. I suggest, at times like these, fish out some time for yourself (Yes, yourself alone) and take a break. Use this exclusive time to explore new possibilities, enjoy the existing ones and simply make memories worth revisiting in times of trouble. For instance: Get yourself tickets of the latest blockbuster movie, or make a visit to your favorite cafe or just attend a stand-up comedy gig. 

The Time Dogma- There are very few of us who make the best of our time because most of us frantically hold the dogma of time abundance close to our chests. The sooner we get over this dogma, the happier we can become, because remember "Time is a valuable thing". When we make utilizing each moment a habit, then we automatically make room for future possibilities and also in a way become better equipped with our heads unclouded. 

Never give up learning- I believe, to give up learning at any stage of life is the worst of all decisions. There are innumerable things to observe, absorb and learn from in life. Every occurrence teaches us something extremely valuable, but you can habituate your mind to view the world that way only if we never let our zeal of learning be eclipsed by our ego or arrogance. And, once you commit yourself to be a learner for life, you would not have to fear the sudden stream of change which may knock your shore in the near future. 

Whether, you’re retiring, trying to manage your new business, or are unexpectedly unemployed, the world can seem like a lonely place where you might feel a little unsteady. But, in moments like these, instead of panicking, you can summon all your courage to stand calmly against the wave by pausing, reflecting and mending your ways.

So, #LetsUnNumb and make the best of our lives.

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