Friday, 15 January 2016

Something Worth Mentioning

“Congrats on your new role! Hope you’re doing well. “About 50 odd people having 50 different jobs and skill-set, sent me the exactly same message, on LinkedIn when I made an experience update. I was astonished to see, how everybody was becoming like everybody; no difference at all between one LinkedIn user and the other. Sadly, over time they've become just another brick in the wall; they all seem too lazy and disinterested in initiating change, in the smallest possible way. Which is why none of those flyer texts, could actually make me feel congratulated. And, this is so because I am a passionate out-of-the-box thinker. I see no point in imitating and delivering things without making a flavoured stroke of my own.

Yesterday,  while sitting in a busy café’, I read something remarkable, wittily written by  Seth Godin in his new book “Tribes” and like every other time I just couldn't stop smiling. Well, he wrote “A remarkable product or service is like a purple cow. Brown cows are boring; purple ones are worth mentioning. Those ideas spread; those organizations grow. The essence of what’s happening in the market today revolves around creating purple cows. Here’s the marketing math: Ideas that spread, win. Boring ideas don’t spread. Boring organizations don’t grow. Working in an environment that’s static is no fun. Even worse, working for an organization that is busy fighting off change is horrible. So, why haven’t you and your team launched as many purple cows as you’d like?”

I personally, think that everybody is capable of thinking out of the box; of creating not just purple but maybe a yellow cow. But, to even make a start, one first ought to believe in the bright possibilities and accept the necessity of change. No, I'm certainly not talking about the texture of your tie or the colour of your liner, but of your attitude towards people and situations. I suggest that you let yourself be; don’t cover-up, just pick-up the courage and voice your opinion.  And, reach out to people, in whichever way you think is fit (of course do be ethical), and thereby encourage people to respond back with a more openness. So, common’ create a mind-ware; room for collaborating free and bright ideas, instead of mundanely adding on to the bulk of conventionalities.

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