Thursday, 14 January 2016

7 International destinations you must try find time for!

Life is a process, wherein everything we do, every place we go to, contributes to our collective experience, making it beautifully wholesome. Today, to book a vacation, is far easier than deciding a new haircut for yourself, not that they are no apps in specific for that, but because more and more people are interested and excited about investing in travel as an industry and thereby producing and offering a variety of options with attractive discount deals. 

So, gone are the days when we had to figure out ways to comb the unexplored. Here, I present to you the 7 top international travel destinations. Yes, International, for I believe that to better connect with the world outside, we need to do lot more than just interacting with people through the internet, while sitting distantly apart; like we must allow ourselves to inhale the indigenous fragrance, taste the delicacies prepared by cultural vibes and weather, and of course, meet people beyond the borders.

1-Mont St. Michel, France,
  (Up above the rainbow)
 It’s always somehow more serene, to look down from the bird-view angle, at the world and its creatures. If you too consider that to be an ideal way off letting your troubles wind-off, then this is the place, which above the rest, you should make a visit to. It offers total isolation, though, the play of light, sky, and weather, will make you feel beautifully accompanied and enriched. 

2-The Faroe Islands
 (Where the North Atlantic Sun shall bless your soul)
The Faroe Islands are a forever beautiful destination, no matter what time of year you may decide to go. Specially, on March 20, 2015, there was a full solar eclipse boundlessly visible from the Islands. And, of course witnessing a full solar eclipse, is not casual thing, it happens to be a majestically mystifying moment for most people.

3- Koyasan, Japan
 (Let enlightenment pour-in)
Ever wondered, where from do the Japanese get their calmness to ideate technological innovations and never go off-the-beat? It’s their much kept heritage, Koyasan, a monastic complex that stands firm and bright, about two hours by train south of Osaka. Koyasan, happened to mark its 1,200th anniversary in 2015. It's here that you can get that blissful opportunity of staying in one of the temples which welcomes guests and opens to them a peep-in, onto everyday monastic life.

4- Zermatt, Switzerland
 (Point of inception)
Zermatt happens to be the only village on the Swiss side of the Matterhorn, which has been luring travellers from across the world. Certainly, nobody can resist pointing a camera up to that majestic wonder of nature. But, there’s something more than the Alps for you to look onto; Zermatt Unplugged acoustic music festival and the Swiss Food Festival, which both happen in the months of July and August.

5-Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar
 (Reaching the blue bed)
It so happens, that humans in specific, are attracted much deeply to anything forbidden. And, Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago does just that, as the Burmese government kept the whole area off-limits to foreigners until 1997.  It rouses curiosity, like an exotic fairy-land tale, where there are hundreds of undiscovered white-sand beaches, dense uncombed jungles, and clans of various mysterious Mokena sea gypsies. You can dive deep in the water and explore an aquatic festival of life, with swarms of eagle rays, schools of sharks, and also the occasional whale sharks.

 (Where Bonaparte’s soul still resides)

Two hundred years after Napoleon Bonaparte suffered his final military defeat, Corsica, was the Bonaparte’s birthplace and fortunately it still hasn't lost its own cultural Waterloo, wherein its people still keep their head high with a fierce sense of pride, keeping their proverb-rich Corsican tongue in existence. So, if in case, Bonaparte happened to stir inspiration in you, then this place is surely awaiting your acknowledgement.

7-Port Antonio, Jamaica
 (Salient shore)
Does tribal beat, infectiously stimulates you? If yes, then this is the place for you. A gorgeous island, which shall give you a hundred beautiful reasons, to keep coming and exploring, the dense breeze and achieve a sense of calm sitting by shore-side, sipping a bottle of local bear or two. In fact, when in 1942, Errol Flynn, a Hollywood heartthrob, discovered this paradise in Jamaica’s Port Antonio, later on proclaimed it to be “more beautiful than any woman I have ever known.”

There are lot many more places, but these 7 are in my consideration, the best possible escapes. I believe, every activity to which we expose ourselves and further participate, somehow always adds-on to our understanding of the whole universe. Travelling is one such activity, whereby a traveller goes into the wild, in order to come closer to the expanse of universe which already resides in his soul.

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