Sunday, 3 January 2016

My 2016 resolution is to pick my old-self-up!

Yeah, I know it’s been a few days since the New Year started. But, I was really wondering which out of all resolutions, should I this time pick-up, for I am really no more interested to do things for the namesake. And, I came to this conclusion, that the best thing would be to pick-up my old-self and accomplish all things, this year, which I ever desired. And, start my life on a clean new slate, with a kick-ass fresh new attitude. So, here’s the list of things that I figured out for myself:

Pick the thin point pen and sketch a cartoon or two- It’s quite disappointing to see people underestimate the potential of cartoons. They consider it nothing more than a child’s-play. It actually isn't so; cartooning, like any other art form has a great amount of capacity to communicate loud and clear. All you need is to have a bright idea, worth communicating. And, I have decided to add it back in my routine.

Strive for perfection or nothing- Yeah, you now might laugh and say “Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.” Well, I don’t agreeably buy that, because I do think perfection can be achieved, provided you try. Perfection is dynamic, because a lot of people out there are making efforts to raise the bar and see what is hanging up there. And, anyway, every time you sit back with heart unsatisfied and thirst unquenched, you actually lose out on bright opportunities. So, this year I have decided to not settle for anything less extraordinary.

Post-less- I see a lot of people dolling-up and going places, just so that they have things to post and tag, on social networking sites. People lose out the exclusive time, which they with great difficulty draw-out from their tight packed schedules, by just going on clicking hundreds of selfies. And, I'm sure that they all feel the void, but ‘posting’ appears to them far more important than addressing the void. So, this year, yet again, I have decided to not become part of the madding crowd.

Set things in order- It’s very important to have a neat and tidy environment to grow in. whether, it is your classroom desk or your workplace cubicle, just keep the minimum, so that you have enough room to ideate and create. Which is why, I have decided to box-back the unwanted and cut the clutter.

Socialise offline- I lately read a book, titled- Collaborative Intelligence, wherein Angie McArthur wrote “Despite our unending love affair with digital devices, we still crave face-to-face connection with other people. Too often we find ourselves working alone, through our screens, cut-off from the regular sources of renewal and inspiration.” And I realised how a sad a fact that is. That is why, this year, I've decided to go offline more often and cure the intellectual draught that happens to have come upon.  

So, keep calm and pick your old- selves-up!

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