Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Whom to Resort?
Is it not too often that you land up in ‘Nowhere Land”? Confused to what must you choose? Of whom must you adhere, which summon must you attend among many?
So here are some ‘Owl’ solutions:
Pick up your shoes and go jog couple of kilometres; let the worries wither away.
Smell the flowers rather than plucking and showering them on somebody; it shall revitalise your senses.
Laugh out Loud, frequently; it will help keep you light and healthy.
Read books; it will help in getting you come across variety of opinions.
Experiment with Music Genres; it’s an exercise which can help you elevate from almost anything and everything.
Go out and get yourself a ticket to good theatrical performances; the tempo of behaviour shall help you better understand your being.
Cook, Bake and Grill; let the tummy roll with joy.

Invest time on Things of Beauty, Joy and Love because you can either live life for real or waste your time by posting on Facebook.

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